2015 Season
“Things New”


Artistic Director, Bruno Giuranna
Associate Artistic Director, Derek Han

 (click each photo for more information about the artist; listed below each artists' name is the number of years performing with La Musica)




                     Federico Agostini           Claudio Cruz        Jennifer Frautschi                         
                                         16 years                       1 year                  6 years                                                                          



                      Rebecca Albers           Daniel Avshalomov          Bruno Giuranna          
                           5 years                       18 years                    29 years                   



                     Julie Albers          Dmitri Atapine        Antonio Meneses                                              
                        8 years                3 years                               2 years                         

     PIANO                                HORN


         Derek Han                                   Eric Ruske
           29 years                                3 years                                                               



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